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PLEASE ADD MY NEW JOURNAL... this one is 3 years old and I randomly looked at old posts and that is so not me anymore.. I will add everyone who is on this journal, hopefully you see this and add me back..!


That was 12 years ago.

Starky Boy Sims
You were the best dog ever! You were so nice and never was mean to anyone. You let me feed you, and take away your food and treats while you were eating them, and you never once growled or bit me. What a good boy. You always acted like a little puppy even when you were old. You were so smart and knew so many tricks! You gave the best handshakes. I loved your hugs and kisses. You loved to cuddle and were a lap dog even though you were big. You loved your neck and ears scratched! You loved/hated the harmonica but you would sing along. You slept so cute with your head upside down and your paw over your nose. Your teeth were so cute! The best thing, by far, were your smiles. I'll always remember your smiles. You will be missed a great deal.

So anyway. It happened today. He was so excited and loved all the dog smells. He was panting a lot. So it started to happen... and you could tell. He got relaxed, stopped panting, his eyes got heavy and cloudy, and his tongue stuck out. (In that order) I freaked out. It didn't seem like it was for real and it was really happening to MY dog. I could see it taking effect and that is so sad. I started crying really loud and I couldn't catch my breath and I just wanted him back right away. I kept trying to say "I don't want him to go" He was already gone. Seeing him lifeless and soft was sad. I keep replaying the whole thing in my mind. I thought he was still sniffing but I guess it was the nerves. His eyes stayed open and wouldn't close. His tongue stayed out of his mouth too. I kissed him a lot and hugged him and told him he was a good boy and I love him and will miss him.

It will be really sad coming home and not seeing him laying there; I can never pet him again. My heart hurts. When I walked in the door afterwards, I opened the door and thought I'd see him. So weird. So sad. I've always had a dog! HIM. He was always there. In every picture that was taken in the living room, Starky is in it in the corner. He always had to know what was going on. I love him.

September 17, 1994 - August 24, 2007

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